Welcome to the MLBonline OOTP League!  This league has been established in 2011 using the newly released OOTP 12.  We will start in a real Major League universe in year 2011.

We will sim three (3) times a week for a seven (7) day period for each sim.

Sims will take place at or around 9:00 AM CST on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you are interested in joining – be sure to have Out of the Park Baseball 12 installed and signed up with a profile for the OOOL Online Leagues inside the game.  Then, send an e-mail to and include the following:

1.) Your Name: (First and Last Initial required)
2.) Your OOOL Username:
3.) Team Preferences (top three): to see which teams are available, check out the Owners page.

We will have very strict rules for participation – to be voted on by the league.  If an owner becomes inactive, we will not hesitate to remove said owner and give a franchise over to an owner-in-waiting on the waiting list.

Thanks for your interest in MLBonline powered by OOTP 12.


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