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League Rules Posted

Alright. As we are filling up quickly, I invite all owners to check out the League Rules page.  If you have any questions/comments/suggestions – please don’t be shy to bring them up by commenting (registered users) and/or posting at the Message Board.

NOTHING is set in stone until we officially kick this thing off.  Let your voice be heard.

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Posted by on June 28, 2011 in General


MLBOnline Launched!

This is the newest online league using the newly released OOTP 12.  We are looking for dedicated owners to get this thing off the ground!  We will have strict rules for owning a franchise in this league and will be quick to replace with somebody on the waiting list to make sure we have full participation!

We will start taking applications for teams very soon.  We will post a message as soon as we get started!  We will have a non-owner of the league run the simulations to avoid any problems along those lines.

We will vote all proposed changes, just like in real MLB.  If we try to abolish the DH, we will need unanimous support for it.  If we want to institute an 11-day D.L. – same thing.

We will be starting very soon!

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Posted by on June 24, 2011 in General