League Rules

We will simulate at or around 9:00 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.  The Commissioner reserves the right to change that.  All owners must have their changes exported prior to this time.

Trades must be completed one-on-one with another owner/GM.  Once a trade is agreed to, one owner must post a message in the Pending Trades forum.  The other owner must reply agreeing to the terms.  At that time, the trade will be reviewed by the league.

Trade deadline is July 31st (in game).

10/5 rule is Disabled.  Veterans DO NOT have the right to refuse a trade.

Trades with “Players to be named later” (PTBNL)
Trades with PTBNL are allowed.  Here are some rules that go along with that.
1. Teams in the same league (NL or AL) are not allowed to take advantage of this.
2. Teams receiving a PTBNL must specify (and have the other owner agree to) 2-10 players not currently on the 25-man roster of the team receiving a player.
3. The team receiving the PTNBL will have six months (in-game) to make a selection of the decided upon players on the list.  They can do this at any time during the six month period and it is that teams responsibility to do this before the deadline or the right is lost.

Note: An approved trade will be executed after the next sim period and changes can be made prior to the next
time period.

The Amateur Draft will take place every June 15th in-game.
We will run the draft on the message board while we are still simming.  Once the amateur draft pool is revealed (50 days prior) we will start drafting.

Owners will have 24 hours to post their pick and are encouraged to do so faster so as we can get as many rounds done as possible.  When we get to June 15th in-game, I will input all draft picks at that point and the AI will finish the draft for all teams.

Note: Trading of draft picks is currently NOT allowed.

We will use the waivers system included in OOTP 12.  We will set the waiver time to eight (8) days.  Since a sim period is seven (7) days – it will allow all owners to see who is available and put in a claim.  Following the next sim, players will be property of their new team (if claimed by anybody on irrevocable waivers).

For players on revocable waivers, each owner must go to their team transactions page and pull that player off of waivers – IF claimed by another team and you don’t want to lose that player.

This will be decided by the league during the first season and will be updated.

Coming Soon…

– NO complete scouting system
– NO complete coaching system
– Financial co-efficient: 1.000
– NO fighting suspensions
– Drug Suspensions ENABLED
– Injuries ENABLED – set at LOW
– Position player fatigue – AVERAGE
Ratings Scales
– Players Actual Ratings Scale = 1-10
– Players Potential Ratings Scale = 1-10
– Other Players Ratings Scale = 1-10
– Show Ratings > Max = No, cut off
– Overall/Potential Ratings = Stars
Report Options
– Top Prospect List = Annually
Misc. Options
– Enable Storylines = YES (up for debate)
– Auto-Save = Once per Week
Player Options
– Batter Aging Speed = 1.000
– Batter Dev. Speed = 1.000
– Pitcher Aging Speed = 1.000
– Pitcher Dev. Speed = 1.000
– Talent Change Randomness = 75
– Create and Maintain hidden players = YES
– Show and use personality ratings = YES
– Show and use morale system = YES
– Keep LH/RH splits = Major League only
– Keep defensive stats = Major League only
– Keep career postseason stats = Major League only
– DELETE players who never reached the Majors

National League = NO Designated Hitter
American League = USES Designated Hitter
Active Roster Size = 25 players
Foreign Players limit = No limit
Expanded Roster Size = 40 players (September 1st)
Post-Season Roster Rules = Enabled
Secondary Roster Size = 40 players
Min. days of service for one service year = 172
Waiver Period Length = 8 days
DFA Period Length = 8 days
Option Years = ENABLED
Right to Refuse Minor League Assignment = ENABLED
Rule 5 Draft = ENABLED
Disabled List Length = 15 days

– Average Attendance per game = 30,455
– Average Ticket Price = $25.00
– Visiting Teams Gate Share = 20 percent (%)
– Financial System = ENABLED
– Reserve Clause Era Rules = DISABLED
– Minimum Service Years for Free Agency = Six (6) years
– Draft pick compensation for lost free agents = ENABLED
– Service Years Required for Arbitration = Three (3) years
– Minimum Service Years required for Minor League Free Agent = Six (6) years

Dynamic evolution is disabled.  However, the league can evolve however we choose from here on out.  Owners can bring up rules to vote and change things.  No more DH in the American League?  Houston Astros moving to the A.L.?  It can be done.

We will have Spring Training each pre-season.  We will, however, complete it in one sim period.  This will give teams a chance to see how players did and make final roster decisions for the season.

In order for the league to run properly, each owner must show a certain amount of participation and availability.  If an owner misses three (3) consecutive sim periods without uploading an updated team file – they will be warned.  If the owner misses one more following the official warning – he will be terminated and his team will become available to the waiting list.

Owners can also report owners for not responding to league e-mails about trades or player transactions.  If this is done – it is nothing more than a “heads up” to the commissioner that said owner may be lacking what it takes to compete in MLBonline League.


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